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Fertile and lush, Litchfield National Park is a striking change of pace for the outback region. Experience deep natural waterholes and towering waterfalls in a park known for its adventure. Spring-fed waterfalls pool into beautiful crystal swimming holes below, inviting visitors to experience the extraordinary natural spectacles. Litchfield tours are a great way for travellers to take in the abundant park, with myriad walking trails, spectacular lookouts and innumerable natural surprises along the way.

1 day Litchfield tours pick up passengers from Darwin before making their way down the Stuart Highway to Litchfield National Park. Stops include a visit to the remarkable Magnetic and Cathedral termite mounds and morning tea at the charming town of Batchelor. Guests will be guided along an interpretive bush walk to Florence Falls lookout with the opportunity to dive into the glorious plunge pool at the base of the falls.

For the more adventurous among us, experience Litchfield from a 4WD. Access remote and challenging roads on a four day Litchfield, Katherine and Kakadu camping tour. No need to worry about setting up tents, this is all prepared for you; experience the outback at its most authentic. The Litchfield tour on day one takes guests to the Buley Rockholes, Wangi Falls and Florence Falls with the chance to explore the misty rainforest and swim in one of the many gorgeous waterholes. In the evening travellers have the opportunity to try a genuine Australian pub meal in an outback hotel – a uniquely Aussie experience.

Alternative 3 day tours of Litchfield and Kakadu National Parks are also available. These guided coach tours are a great way to capture the expansive beauty of the outback in a short time.

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